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About Us

Our history

BASF, the largest chemical producer in the world, is on a mission to create a more sustainable value chain in the food and animal feed industry. Its solutions help to produce more efficient and environmentally friendly foodstuffs and nutritional products. 

With growing demand in the market, the company wanted to expand its solution set and address more customers directly. BASF launched Opteinics™ in 2021 to measure, analyze, and minimize the environmental impact of animal protein, with an emphasis on animal feed production.  Opteinics™ is a product of Chemovator, the business incubator and early-stage investor of BASF.

Key Milestones

  • 1996: BASF launches its Animal Nutrition arm
  • 2021: BASF launches the first version of Opteinics™
  • 2023: Opteinics business incubation at Chemovator

From pollution to solution: the future of environmental responsibility, powered by Opteinics™

The industry is at a tipping point, as pressure from consumers, retailers, investors, and policy makers is greater than ever. To empower our customers to improve their sustainability performance, we built a digital scalable solution that helps reduce their environmental footprint.

But Opteinics™ isn’t just a product; it’s a commitment to sustainable industry practices, helping businesses tread lightly on the planet while maintaining the highest standards of product quality and profitability.

Our brand values


We are committing to sustainability and enabling businesses to reduce their environmental impact.


We employ a scientific approach and our environmental footprint analysis solution is backed by industry standards.


We emphasize simplicity and ease of use, making environmental analysis accessible and straightforward.


We represent rigorous precision and advanced technology in our solutions.


We empower businesses with the tools and insights necessary to understand and reduce their environmental impact.

Meet the team

Stuart Cleary


Stuart is a veteran of Silicon Valley. Prior to joining Opteinics™, Stuart held executive-level business development, sales, marketing, and product mgmt roles with leading technology companies, including Amazon, Akamai Technologies, and VeriSign.

Irene Rosique-Conesa


Irene is an experienced environmental scientist passionate about integrating sustainability practices into business operations. As Chief Scientific and Product Officer, she aims to make Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) understandable and accessible.

Gerd Diebold


With 22 years experience in the animal nutrition industry with BASF and consulting customers around the globe on physical products, Gerd’s aim as Chief Growth Officer of Opteinics™ is to provide customers with a digital solution that will support them in the future.

Nico Bleh


Nico is a seasoned technology leader with extensive experience in optimizing IT landscapes and development processes. As a key strategist, he has led successful planning and implementation of cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation and efficiency.