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Differentiate your product portfolio and deliver on your sustainability strategy with tangible, credible insights for innovation.

Environmental impact as a third pillar
in designing your feed

Feed formulation software

Using your feed formulation software of choice, optimize the nutritional requirements of the animal while keeping cost to a minimum.

New Dimensions in ration design

Get transparency on the environmental impact of the diets formulated without compromising cost or nutrition.

LCA-Tools at your fingertips

No need for LCA expertise or external studies – nutritionists, formulators, and farm advisors can all use Opteinics™.

Feed and livestock farming in scope

Calculate the impact per unit of animal protein produced, or per ton of feed, and deliver the data your customers need.

Pre-defined and customizable product templates

  • Built-in templates for specific industries, such as poultry, diary, pork, and feed
  • All templates are based on industry standard LCAs
  • Customize templates by adding or removing metrics as applicable

Simulate what-if scenarios

  • Run different scenarios with variations of feed composition, animal performance, and other parameters
  • Save as case studies and compare the impact of changing different parameters

In-app tips and recommendations

  • Understand the importance of specific metrics with information displayed in the app
  • Learn how changing these metrics can reduce your environmental impact

Modular data entry

  • Separate data entry modules for different business operations
  • Traffic light system highlights errors and missing data

Data visualization tools

  • Analyze hotspots and easily identify areas for improvements
  • Share insights with your value chain stake­hol­ders in an easy-to-digest format
  • Gain deep insight into Scope 3 emissions targets

Feed formulation and enterprise software integration

  • A direct data integration with your existing feed or enterprise software
  • Integration ensures companies can optimize their product based on cost, nutrition, and environmental factors